Professor Carol: Speaker on Music & the Arts

A frequent speaker on music at various arts venues, Professor Carol Reynolds is on a mission to restore the arts to their rightful place in our everyday lives.


“Carol makes everything she talks about fascinating.”

So whether you’re interested in Tchaikovskypipe organsSwing, or singing parrots, there’s something here for you. You’ll find her engaging commentary at concert halls, on cruise ships and tours, and in her multi-media curricula.

Carol’s combination of substance and entertaining style has made her the speaker for all of the concerts of the Dallas Wind Symphony and the Cliburn Concert Series in Fort Worth. She has been a featured speaker for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Dallas Opera, and the Fort Worth Opera. She conduct numerous tours as a study leader with Smithsonian Journeys and as enrichment speaker aboard Celebrity and Regent Cruise Lines. She speaks for other groups around the country about topics of interest to adult lovers of classical music and other genres.


speaker on music consellationCarol earned her Ph.D. from University of North Carolina and received an IREX grant to conduct doctoral research in the former Soviet Union. She taught music history for 21 years at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and co-founded the University’s summer program in Weimar, Germany – the home of J.S. Bach, Liszt, Goethe, and Schiller.

She has since turned her attention to public speaking and the creation of arts curricula and educational programs for general adult audiences and secondary-school students.

Carol acts as study leader for Smithsonian Journeys to venues across Europe and Russia. She has led tours for arts organizations to Russia, Germany, Broadway, and San Francisco and has served as speaker aboard Regent and Celebrity cruises in the Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean, Baltic Sea, and on transatlantic crossings. Carol speaks Russian and German fluently.

Professor Carol has a passion for arts education.

For secondary-school students and life-long learners, she has authored and hosted the DVD-based courses Discovering Music: 300 Years of Interaction in Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture and A History of Early Sacred Music, and has created additional courses in Russian and American arts, culture, and music. Her popular essays on the Advent Season have been collected in Journey Through Advent.

You may contact Carol about speaking engagements, arts related programs, and webinars.