Using the Arts To Teach History

In this webinar I explain why you should use the arts to analyze the historical record.

When children are little, we are clear about the role of the arts. We encourage children to engage in artistic expression and use their creativity to supplement the topics we teach. We understand those things as important to a child’s intellectual and cognitive development. Everything in our educational curriculum supports this. But when children grow older and reach the rhetorical stage, we tell them it’s time to put away the arts and turn to more serious subjects. We treat the arts as a frill. And that takes away one of the most important tools in understanding culture, history, and who we are as human beings.

When we analyze the historical record using the arts, we make history more memorable and accessible.

Research and Writing Webinars Online

For anyone engage in college prep, honing those research and writing skills is essential. Three recorded webinars in our series “Tools for Academic Success” are now online and available whenever you need them.

The Research and Writing Webinar topics are:

  1. Research in the Online Age
  2. My 7 Pet Peeves in Writing
  3. Those Pesky (Wonderful) Footnotes

Each session lasts about 45-50 minutes.

Proficiency in Research and Writing is a never-ending quest. There is always something new and always a way to improve. I hope to add sessions in the future, perhaps explaining my love for colons and semicolons or adding to my list of Pet Peeves (oh yes, I have more). Like everything we do, these webinars are included in your Circle of Scholars membership.