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Discovering Music

300 Years of Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture. Our flagship course covering the history of music from approximately 1600 to 1914 (the beginning of World War I). Read more.


A History of Early Sacred Music

From the Jerusalem Temple to 1400 featuring performances of ancient music, Gregorian chant, and polyphony with scholarly perspective from numerous experts. Read more.


Tools for Academic Success

Professor Carol’s mini course for college prep. Three recorded sessions you can view any time. Read more.


Imperial Russia – A Cultural Odyssey

From ancient bells and chant to the Romanticism of Tchaikovsky, a course on Russia’s distinctive history. Recorded class sessions with written lesson assignments. Read more.


America’s Artistic Legacy

The incredible richness of America’s music, art, drama, and literature presented in recorded class sessions with written lesson assignments. Read more.


7 Days to Beethoven

Beethoven envisioned a new role for music and a new sound filled with drama. He cast a monumental shadow over future generations of composers. Read more.

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