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Discovering Music Trailer

Professor Carol’s lively history curriculum takes you through music, art, and Western Culture from 1600 to 1914 with more than 13 hours of video. Travel with Carol to Europe and visit with 24 historians, performers, and specialists in other fields to see how music and the arts are connected to everything.…

Discovering Music Trailer from Professor Carol on Vimeo.

Russian Bells

Russian music is characterized by the sounds of Orthodox choirs and by the bells. When the Soviets attempted to eradicate Christianity, they silenced the bells.
Russian Bells from Professor Carol on Vimeo.

The Age of Absolutism

In this excerpt of “Discovering Music: 300 Years of Interaction in Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture,” Professor Carol takes you to Versailles and the Court of Louis XIV.

Beethoven and Monumentalism

After Beethoven’s death, the popular ideal of the creative artist caught the popular imagination, and Beethoven was portrayed as an Olympic deity. His achievements cast a shadow of greatness that few could match. Art in the 19th-century became more monumental. Professor Carol demonstrates how the structures of Beethoven’s music were expanded beyond those of the Classical Era.