Discovering Music: Comparing Editions

People ask us the difference between the two editions of Discovering Music – hard copy and online. In substance, the editions are virtually identical, but the method of delivery is different. The Online Edition offers greater flexibility, ease of use (for those attuned to navigating the web), and access to more ancillary materials. The Hard-Copy Edition is more suited to those who like to hold the materials in their hand or who want to put the course on the shelf when they have finished it (possibly to use again when a younger student comes of age).

The following chart may help identify key differences:


Hard Copy


Online Edition

Circle of Scholars

Structure 17 Units 17 Units
Video 13+ hours on DVD Same video streamed
Coursebook Spiral bound 236 pages Same text on web pages
Quizzes Short Unit quizzes Same quizzes on .pdf plus new automated quizzes
Links for Further Study URLs printed in book. Live links sold separately as .pdf download ($3.95). Live links to all materials.Links updated periodically.
Listening All required musical selections on 3 CDs included with course materials. Additional recommended listening selections noted in coursebook. Links to professional subscription services (as low as $20/yr). Most required and recommended listening linked to free web recordings of high quality.
Teacher’s Manual Sold separately on CD-ROM ($12.95); includes scope and sequence and more rigorous quarterly testing. Scope and sequence inherent in online structure. Other materials from Teacher’s Manual incorporated in online text. Quarterly tests in .pdf format.
Image Galleries Links to paintings and other visual materials are frequently included among Links for Further Study. Key paintings and other visual materials displayed in online Galleries for each Unit.
Viewing Guides Included in Coursebook. Reproducible within the family. Same as Coursebook in .pdf (printable) format.
Consumables May be reproduced within the family or purchased as .pdf download ($12.95). Accessible within course in .pdf format.
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