Domenico Fetti "Portrait of a Scholar"

Ah, the life of a scholar–someone whose whole existence is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge! With all the resources available now, what could be more marvelous than spending our time pursuing the deepest ideas of the past, sequestered amid stacks of books, patiently seeking new insights.

Well, that’s not me, and it’s probably not you either. I may live amid stacks of books, but there’s nothing peaceful about it. How do you seek insights and great thoughts when the dogs are chasing skunks and the car is making that clanking sound again? I know, you’ve got your own version of this.

The answer is, we pool our ideas. Since our kids left the nest, my life has probably been simpler than yours, so let me start the ball rolling. Here’s the roadmap. Some are helpful resources, some are time savers, and some are observations from decades of teaching. Explore all you wish, and I’ll keep posting more as quickly as I can get to it.