Arts Tours

Like to travel?

So does Professor Carol. On behalf of Smithsonian Journeys, she currently speaks on cruise ships and leads arts tours to Eastern Europe and Russia. See all of Professor Carol’s Upcoming Engagements.

Arts tours can be a great way to raise funds for an organization or to reward loyal patrons. Carol has led her own whirlwind tours through Russia and acted as tour guide for others in Germany, Austria, and the United States. Carol with binoculars

If you would like for Carol to lead your arts tour, contact her concerning dates and venues.

Carol’s tours are not for sissies! You should like your days jam-packed with concerts, museums, palaces, architecture, night life, and rubbing elbows with the locals. Bring your walking shoes.

You can also take a Smithsonian Journey featuring Carol. View the upcoming Smithsonian Journeys.

From participants in Carol’s tours and lectures

“Our trip was indeed an odyssey which I will not soon (if ever) forget. The many museums which we visited, our two nights at the opera, our attendance at the ballet, our wonderful afternoon and evening at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, and visits to the several palaces and monasteries all made for an adventure and never to be forgotten experience. Your skills with the Russian language and familiarity with the history, art and music of Russia presented for each of us a unique and rare opportunity to understand and become a small part of the culture and people of Russia.”

“Carol makes anything she talks about fascinating.”

“Her enthusiasm, her stimulating lecture manner, her obvious knowledge of the subject, her kindness and love of people show through!”