About Carol

Professor Carol Reynolds is a uniquely talented and much sought-after public speaker for arts venues and general audiences. She combines her insights on music history, arts, and culture with her passion for arts education to create programs and curricula, inspire concert audiences, and lead arts tours. Never dull or superficial, Carol brings to her audiences a unique mix of humor, substance, and skilled piano performance to make the arts more accessible and meaningful to all.

Professor Carol

Carol has led arts tours to Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, San Francisco, and Broadway on behalf of several arts organizations and has recently teamed with Smithsonian Journeys for cruises to the Holy Land, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Baltic Sea, Indian Ocean, and across the Atlantic. Her enthusiasm and boundless energy give tour participants an unforgettable experience.

For more than 20 years, Carol was Associate Professor of Music History at the Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

She makes her home in Texas and maintains a second residence in Weimar, Germany — the home of Goethe, Schiller, Bach, and Liszt, and the focal point of much of Europe’s artistic heritage.

What Others Say about Carol

Professor’s Online Talks Give Tulsa Orchestra ‘Cool’ Factor,” by James D. Watts, Jr., World Scene Writer, Tulsa World.

“This is not your typical snore-inducing pre-concert lecture. ‘Windnotes with Professor Carol’ is like an impassioned sermon combining history, music theory, and behind-the-scenes dirt on the pieces and composers featured in the evening’s program.” Dallas Wind Symphony

“Yesterday’s event was memorable as I watched you improvise this show in the most brilliant way. It was like jazz: you knew the theme and came up with all these variations and pulled those tricks collected from years and years of experience in teaching and public speaking. I was truly in awe with the way you took the show and ran with it at 1000 miles per hour. 50 minutes had passed and no one noticed it. In fact, when over, I saw smiles on the faces of every member of the audience. No wonder that so many, if not all, of them rushed to sign up for the season, which will now result in chartering a second bus for this group.” Sevan Melikyan, Van Cliburn FoundationProfessor Carol with Bach

“Thank you so much for your help on the Russian. Wow! You are incredible. I had heard this from my students and now I have experienced it first hand.” Tim Selig, Turtle Creek Chorale

“Thank you for your splendid performance last Saturday. Scott Joplin and Charles Griffes would be particularly proud of you. I have heard a lot of good responses to the program. Not only was the recital memorable, but it was a perfect companion to the American Impressionism and Realism exhibition.” Mary Lampe, Amon Carter Museum

“Your lecture was extremely interesting; I especially loved how interactive you were with your audience.” Catherine A. Proctor, Dallas Museum of Art

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