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The comprehensive Discovering Music is available now, along with galleries, videos, and podcasts.

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The Circle of Scholars is rich in content with materials and courses on music and history suitable for older students, college prep, and life-long learners.

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Discovering Music has been great for my teen age son. Not only does it teach all about music but in those lessons are also history, art, social studies, culture, and information about different countries and eras. All of this in formats that are interesting; videos, pictures, music, and some reading. My son is engaged and talks about what he has learned at the dinner table. He loves this program and it has been worth every penny. This is our second year of subscribing because there’s so much offered with the subscription that my son still has lots of areas to explore. I am sure we will subscribe again next year. I highly recommend this program because it teaches so much more than music and uses interesting ways that engage kids’ interest. Classic homeschool way of learning!” —Carrie Harrington