America’s Artistic Legacy


America’s Arts Tell America’s History

This two-semester online course will take you on a journey through America’s history, art, music, literature, and culture. From the Puritans and Native Americans; through the founders and pioneers; to the immigrants of Ellis Island and today’s newest immigrants, Americans have used music, paintings, poetry, dance and architecture to express the essence of life in America.

This course features dozens of colorful video sequences filmed by Professor Carol on location across the country. Each of the 24 course modules includes approximately 1 hour of video instruction with extensive materials for additional exploration. The course spans the period from Native Americans and the earliest European Settlers through Jazz and Broadway.

All members of the Circle of Scholars are invited to join Professor Carol for this ongoing course taught via streaming video with written lesson assignments. You may join the course at any time and work at your own pace.

Suitable for grades 8-12 and college prep. Two semesters/24 sessions; H.S. Credit 1.0 (History, Fine Arts, or Humanities)

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Course Excerpts

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