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Will a Google search get you the information necessary to write that term paper? Does anybody really care if your prose is dull and your syntax awkward? Yes, they absolutely do. To master any discipline, you must first acquire the tools of learning and the skills to present what you know clearly and effectively.

Professor Carol teaches the Tools for Academic Success designed for college prep students, taking a serious look at what they will face in college and beyond.

This 3-session mini-course was delivered as a webinar and recorded for the continued use in the Circle of Scholars. Additional sessions on new topics may be added from time to time. Members can click the links below to get started.

Associate Members can access the webinar in Unit 1: Research in the Online Age.

Module 1 Research in the Online Age  
Unit 1 Exercises for Research and Writing 1
Unit 2 Research in the Online Age
Module 2 Pet Peeves  
Unit 1 Seven Pet Peeves in Writing
Module 3 Documentation  
Unit 1 Those Pesky (Wonderful) Footnotes


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